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How To Edit Audio In Canva (Easy Steps!)

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Have you ever tried editing audio in Canva?

Maybe you have searched for some tutorial on how to edit audio in Canva, but are still not able to figure out how to do it properly.

Well, worry not, today in this article I will be showing you an in-depth guide on editing audio in Canva.

Learn how to trim, adjust, and give effects to your audio in Canva.

So you ready? let’s dive in.

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How To Edit Audio In Canva (Step By Step)

Here are the steps that you can follow to edit audio in Canva:

1. Open Canva

Open Canva website.

If you don’t have a Canva account, sign up for free. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials. This will redirect you to the Canva homepage.

sign up or log in

2. Create a Design

From the Canva homepage, click on the ‘Create a design’ button from the top right corner of your screen and choose a design type for your project such as a presentation, video, or TikTok video, etc.

Or use the above search bar to search for the design type that want. Then click on your desired design type and you will automatically be directed to a blank canvas.

create a design

For example, in this article, I will be using an Instagram reel (design type) to teach you how to edit audio in Canva.

3. Choose a Template

Click on the ‘Design’ button from the left sidebar and a new menu with various pre-made templates will appear in front of you.

You can browse through the available templates or use the search bar to find a specific template. Click on the desired template to add it to your canvas.

For example, if you want a social media post template, you can search for an ‘Instagram post’ or ‘Facebook post’ to see relevant templates.

choose a template

4. Add Audio

There are two methods for adding audio to your Canva design:

1. Use Canva Stock Audios

Click on the ‘Apps’ button from the left sidebar. Scroll down from the new menu to click on the ‘Audio’ button.

click on audio

Here you’ll find Canva’s library of stock audio. Scroll through the collection of audio clips or use the above search bar to search for the audio that you need.

For example, you can search for keywords like fun, happy, pop, etc in the search bar.

Once you find an audio that matches your requirement, simply click on it and it will be added to your design.

choose a audio

Note: Most of the audios are not available to Canva-free users. If you don’t want to upgrade your account to Canva Pro then I advise you to upload your own audio to Canva.

2 Upload Your Audio

Click on the ‘Upload’ button from the left sidebar and then further on the ‘Upload Files’ button. Select the audio file that you want to add to your design from your computer.

After uploading the audio file, it will appear in your uploads library. Click on the uploaded audio to add it to your design.

upload your files

5. Edit Audio

Canva offers multiple audio editing options like you can trim, adjust volume, apply some fading effects, etc.

Let’s take a look at each of them one by one.

1. Trimming the Audio

To trim your audio, single-click on the ‘Soundwave Timeline’ from the bottom of your screen. Now you’ll see sliders at each end of the soundwave, drag those sliders to trim the audio according to your requirement.

trim the audio

2. Volume Adjustment

To control the volume of your audio, click on the ‘Soundwave Timeline’ from the bottom of your screen and a new toolbar will appear on the top of the screen.

Then click on the ‘Volume’ icon from the above toolbar and adjust the volume of the audio by sliding the slider left or right.

volume adjustment

3. Set Audio Effects

To set audio effects, you have to again click on the ‘Soundwave Timeline’ and then on the ‘Audio Effects’ button from the top toolbar. This will open a new menu, with fade-in and fade-out sliders.

The ‘Fade In’ effect ensures that the audio starts at a low volume and then increases over time.  The ‘Fade Out’ effect ensures that the volume of the audio gradually starts decreasing at the end of the video. To apply the above effects just slide the sliders from left to right.

audio effects

4 Adjust The Audio

You may have noticed, when you add audio to your Canva design the audio starts playing from the beginning.

But what if you want to crop the audio and only want to place a particular section of it?

Then you have to double click on the ‘Soundwave Timeline’. As a result of which the whole sound timeline will appear in front of you. Now drag the part of the audio that you want, so that it comes under the purple color box.

adjust video

6. Preview Your Design

After editing your audio according to your needs, it’s time to preview the design before downloading. Click on the ‘Preview’ button or ‘Play’ icon from the top corner of the screen to watch the video and see how it looks with the audio before finalizing it.

preview your design

7. Download Your Design

Once you click on the ‘Preview’ button, the video will start playing on the full screen. To download your design, click on the ‘Download’ button from the top right corner of the screen.

After setting the file type to ‘MP4 Video’, click on ‘Download’ at the end to start the downloading process.

download your design

FAQ – How To Edit Audio In Canva

Q1. Can You Speed Up Audio Files In Canva?

No, you cannot speed up audio files in Canva. If you want to speed up or slow down an audio file, you will have to use other audio editing software like Audacity, Adobe Audition, etc.

Once you’ve adjusted the speed of your audio with the help of the audio editing software, you can then save the edited audio file and then upload it to your Canva design using the ‘Uploads’ button.

What Audio Files Does Canva Support?

Canva only supports M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, or WEBM audio file formats.

Canva also has specific limitations on the file size of audio uploads. Canva maximum supports audio files to 250MB.

Make sure that your audio files are within the mentioned size limit before uploading them on Canva.

Before You Leave

So I hope I was able to answer your query on how to edit audio in Canva.

Tip: Canva offers only basic audio editing features, if you want to go all out then consider editing the audio from other audio editing software and then uploading the final result on Canva.

If you got any questions regarding editing audio in Canva, you can comment them down below, I would love to help you out.

Thank You

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