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How To Create A Mood Board On Pinterest? The Ultimate Guide 2022

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There are many fun things that you can do in a lifetime. If you have a passion for art and design, Pinterest is one option that you can consider. Many people are seen spending a lot of time using Pinterest but do you know the reason? If not, I have an answer for you.

Pinterest allows you to involve in many interesting activities such as creating mood boards, vision boards, etc. These items mostly are meant for telling people what your Pinterest account is all about.

Not just that, through these mood boards, the area of marketing can also be targeted. Many brands today take the help of Pinterest managers who can help them get a hold on Pinterest traffic.

Since we have already covered in the previous blog, how to become a Pinterest manager, today we will take you through a journey of how to make a Pinterest mood board. If that interests you, keep reading ahead.

What Is A Pinterest Mood Board?

Pinterest mood board

A mood board is nothing but a simple practice of making a collage on the online platform of Pinterest. It can be based on any theme of your choice.

You can add photos, some fonts, sentences of writing, and other forms of graphics to make the mood board look interesting and exciting.

Doesn’t that sound fun enough? I am pretty sure almost all of those reading this piece at the moment must have done these in their childhood at least once.

Today, the same thing you can do but on the online social media platform of Pinterest.

Very interestingly, mood boards are used for several purposes and are not just meant for fun activities.

Big businesses use mood boards to brand their products or services. Besides, even for a website design, mood board Pinterest is of great help either directly or indirectly.

As we already know that Pinterest is the one-stop design need for almost all purposes, the need for visual effects has increased more today.

The reason is simple, it helps people to relate with a particular visual effect that they think might work for them. And that is the only reason why Pinterest is so famous today.

No matter what type of design or art pieces you are looking for, you can already be sure to have it available on Pinterest.

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What Is A Brand Mood Board And How Can I Use It To Create Brand Identity?

Every business, whether a product or services business has its special identity that is different from all others. This element makes one brand different from another.

To reach target customers, it is very important to make your brand identity in a way that others see and feel your brand just how you want them to be.

That’s where the role of a mood board comes into play. You can use every possible element that reflects your brand and make your Pinterest mood board based on that.

For example, you can choose colors, quotes, etc. that talk about your brand and its values.

Taking inspiration from all the above factors, now that you have created your brand mood board, it will help you target potential clients with those perfect visual elements that will tell your clients about your brand and what it offers.

It is a proven fact that visual effects are a great way to leave an impact on the minds of people.

Similarly, in the case of brands too, through mood boards on Pinterest, they can leave a good impression about their brand on their clients in present as well as in the future.

It is indeed an effective marketing strategy that Pinterest managers are working on today to bring in sales for their clients.

How To Create A Mood Board On Pinterest?

Creating a mood board on Pinterest is a very interesting process and you need to do quite some research before you start.

Thus, here are a few steps on how to create a mood board on Pinterest:

Step one:

Even before you start with the process, you need to look for a theme on which you would like to build your mood board.

You can look for colors, elements, styles, etc. that you would want to see in your mood board. You need to collect all such elements that seem to add value to your mood board.

You can also go ahead and search on Pinterest itself to find out anything that might relate to your topic of interest for the mood board.

how to create mood board

Step two:

For the next step, you need to pick images from everywhere you can find, make sure they have commercial usage rights.

Yes! Your mood board is all about images and writing and the right colors pallet. You need to be as creative as you can be.

For attracting people to your works, your mood board has to be unique and different from all others.

Hence, you can collect as many images you like to see on your mood board, the images can be from outside Pinterest or from Pinterest as well.

You can pin your liked images and use them later for your mood board.

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Step three:

The best way to create your mood board is to take the help of Canva as it is a free and easy-to-use tool.

When you have your themes, colors, images, and texts sorted, Canva is the best option to start off with your mood board.

With that, you can be as creative you want to be with your mood board. After your mood board is all done and set.

You can either create a mood board from scratch or you can just search “mood board” on canva and you will have lot of premade mood board templates.

All you have to do is just replace the images, text, colors and give it your own theme.

Voilaa!! your mood board is ready.

Using Canva To Create Mood Board Pinterest

Something as creative as making a mood board can easily be done using the Canva design tool.

As the name in itself suggests, a mood board is going to be different for different persons, and also in certain cases, it can be different for the same person too.

Thus, expressing one’s mood with the help of graphics and virtual tools can seem to be a difficult job. But, Canva gives you the right opportunities where you can use their drag and drop design tools to make the ideal mood board for your Pinterest.

Even for a brand mood board or a website design, Canva is a good option to make your brand’s identity using visual effects.

It is only when you choose the right texts and colors for your brand or website that it will attract clients. Well, Canva can help you with that.


Now that you have learned a lot about Pinterest mood boards, I am pretty sure you must be having some more important questions running in your mind.

Well, if that is the case, here are a few relevant questions that you might be seeking answers to.

Which is the best tool to make a mood board?

In my opinion, no other tool can be as easy as Canva. It is free and very user-friendly where all you need to do is choose a template and get started with your designing skills.

Yes, it is that easy and even for beginners, it is great to use. For a mood board too, you can look into Canva and get started with your mood board.

Why do I need a brand mood board?

Every brand has a story that it wants to show to its customers. That is exactly where you can see that a brand mood board can tell your story to its clients.

Anytime a client looks at your mood board, he/she can find out what is your brand all about. Thus, it is a great way of communicating your ideas with your clients.

Your clients will find out what interests them about your brand and become a part of your business.

Concluding Thoughts

With that, we have come to the end of this blog post with all the relevant points about what a mood board is, and how to create a mood board on Pinterest.

Though it is not a very hard process, many people are confused about where to start and how to end. That is where the purpose of this blog post gets fulfilled.

Lastly, visual effects are a great means for people to express their feelings and emotions from time to time.

That’s is where Pinterest as a social media platform encourages its users to come and join with the platform.

Mood boards are just another way in which you can express yourself and share the same with other users.

Your creative skills show up in your mood boards and also you can get a lot of inspirational ideas from Pinterest through mood boards.

I hope all your doubts are now cleared regarding how to create a pinterest board for a business, furthermore, there are several other ways in which mood boards come of help.

Thus, you can gear up and start with your Pinterest mood board journey too.

I am sure you would love to spend time doing all the fun activities that go behind making something as good as a Pinterest mood board. What else are you waiting for? start now.

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