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How To Change The Color Of An Uploaded Image In Canva

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If you’re looking to jazz up your uploaded images in Canva, you’re in luck! Changing the color of an image is a breeze with this awesome graphic design tool.

Whether you want to match your brand’s colors, experiment with different shades, or just add a splash of creativity, Canva’s got you covered.

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps on how to change the color of an uploaded image in Canva?.

So let’s dive in and give your images a colorful makeover!

How To Change The Color Of An Uploaded Image In Canva

Well, there is no direct way to change the color of an uploaded image but we can use image filters and effects tab to play with the color tone of the image. We can use features like Adjust, Filters, and Duotone available in the Edit Photo tab to achieve the color we want. 

So let’s discuss all the possible ways to play with the colors of an uploaded image.

How To Change the Color Of Image In Canva

As I said earlier there are multiple methods to change the colors of an uploaded image, and each method brings different results, that’s why it is important to discuss all the methods one by one.

Video Tutorial

Don’t like reading? here’s a Video Tutorial For You

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Method 1: By Using Adjust Option In Canva

Step 1: Click on the ‘Create a New Design’ option on the Canva homepage, and choose the proper size to create a new blank canvas.

Create a New Design in Canva
Create a New Design in Canva

Step 2: Next step would be to upload your choice of image to canva. Click on the ‘Upload Media’ option to upload your image to canva. Allow Canva to finish the process of uploading the image. The process is displayed on a gradient bar on the screen that shows the upload update.

Upload Your Image
Upload Your Image

Step 3: After the image is completely uploaded, you can drag the image to the canvas, select the image and click on the “Edit Photo” option from the top toolbar.

Step 4: Now choose the “Adjust” option from the top and play with the “Temperature” and “Tint” settings to change your image color shade.

Change Image Color Using Adjust Option
Change Image Color Using Adjust Option

Step 5: You can also play with other settings like Brightness, Contrast, Vibrance, etc to achieve the perfect color shade on your image.

Here is the video tutorial for method 1 to change image color in canva.

Changing Image Color Inside Canva By Using Adjust Option

Method 2: By Adding Filter Effects

Step 1: So just like in the previous method, create a new document and add the image to the canvas.

Step 2: Once added, select the image, and click on “Edit Photo” but this time go to “Filters” under the Effects Tab and click on “See All”.

Go To Filter Setting
Go To Filter Setting

Step 3: Now there you will see a lot of filter categories with their previews, choose any want that you want to change the color of your image. You can also adjust the intensity of that filter to achieve desired results.

Choose the Filter Of Your Choice

Method 3: By Using Duotone (My Favourite)

This is my favorite method to change the color of an uploaded image in canva because it gives more flexibility over color selection and you can achieve great color effects using this method.

Step 1: After uploading your image, select the image and click on “Edit Photo”.

Step 2: Go to the “Effects” tab and select “DuoTone” from there.

Select Duotone Option
Select Duotone Option

Step 3: Now you will find a bunch of color effects over there, just pick any one you like and it will be applied to your image.

Choose Your Duotone Effect
Choose Your Duotone Effect

Wait!! that’s not it, you can even create your own duotone effect using your own colors.

How? Let me tell you.

Create Your Own Duotone Effect Using Your Own Color Codes

To create your own duotone with your own custom colors all you have to do is click on any duotone color effect and then click on Highlights and Shadows and put your own custom color over there.

Create Your Own Duotone Effect
Create Your Own Duotone Effect

You can also play with the intensity to achieve your desired look.

Here is a video tutorial to change canva image color using duotone.


Can I directly change the color of an uploaded image in Canva?

There is no direct option for you to click on and get the desired results. It is the short process you need to go through to see the color change in uploaded images. There are three different methods and you can choose any.

Can I use the free version of Canva to change the colors of an uploaded image?

Yes, the free version of Canva has this feature where you can use three different methods and change the colors of the uploaded images. It is quite easy and does not take a lot of time.


Canva has several features and one of which is about the color changing of an uploaded image. I am sure you find it amazing that a basic graphic design tool has so much to offer.

Well, with that, Canva is just the right fit for your basic editing needs. Though there are a lot of limitations to the feature, you can still try it out and see if it works for you. I am sure the steps if followed correctly will give you just the desired results for your image edits.

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