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How To Change The Color Of An Uploaded Image In Canva [2022]

If you are a graphic designer or have similar interest areas, which tool do you go to? Isn’t it Canva? To most people I have talked to, most of them end up taking the name of Canva as their all-time go-to designing tool for all their design needs, no matter what the topic or subject is.

Think of a situation where you are given the option to change the color of the uploaded images on Canva? Isn’t that great? It indeed is a fun and creative idea to allow adding new color palettes to the images you already have in store.

Yes, here is a surprise for you. You can edit the color of an uploaded image on Canva. But you must be thinking as to how to change the color of an uploaded image in Canva? Well, this blog post has all your answers throughout. Keep reading to know more.

How To Change The Color Of An Uploaded Image In Canva

Well, there is no direct way to change the color of an uploaded image but we can use image filters and effects tab to play with the color tone of the image. We can use duotone feature available in effects tab to achieve the color we want. 

When you think of the color editing feature of Canva, stay confirmed that there has to be some kind of limitation to using such a feature. As a graphic design tool, you cannot expect advanced color editing features from Canva. But, for the regular basics needed for day-to-day work, Canva works just fine with its image editing feature.

There is no direct feature to change the color of an image in Canva. It is not just about clicking a button and getting your job done.  But you need to do a few small steps to get started with your journey. However, there is nothing for you to worry about as the steps are very basic and you do not need any extra advanced skills to get your job done.

So, here, let us learn about the different ways in which you can change the color of an image in Canva. Let’s get started!

METHOD 1: By Using A Tint Effect

Step 1: Click on the ‘create a new design’ option on the Canva homepage, as always to begin editing a new project.

Step 2: Next step would be to upload your choice of image on the Canva canvas and start editing its color. Click on the ‘upload media’ option to give effect to your process of uploading an image.

Step 3: Allow Canva to finish the process of uploading the image. The process is displayed on a gradient bar on the screen that shows the upload update.

Step 4: After the image is completely uploaded, you can drag the image to the canvas and make any necessary adjustments that you feel are necessary.

Step 5: To change the color, you need to go to the toolbar and click on the ‘adjust’ option.

Step 6: On the side panel, the option for brightness adjustment will be displayed, to which you need to adjust by dragging the pin to the right-hand corner to increase brightness.

Step 7: To finally see visible color changes, you need to adjust the other options shown on the side panel, such as the ‘tint’ or ‘x-process’ slider option. Finally, you can save the image to your device and finish off.

METHOD 2: By Adding Filter Effects

Step 1: Just like always, you need to start by creating a new project on the Canva homepage after which you will get connected to a blank canvas.

Step 2: Add an image of your choice by clicking on the ‘upload media’ option and allowing the time for importing the image onto Canva, for you to start editing.

Step 3: Once uploaded, you can drag the image on the canvas and adjust accordingly.

Step 4: Move to the toolbar after selecting the picture, to find out the ‘filter’ option and go ahead with any filter of your choice.

Step 5: Now you are all ready to download and use the image as the filter will bring a new effect to the original image as a whole.

METHOD 3: By Using Duotone

Step 1: Continue with the previous steps of starting a new project on Canva as discussed in the previous methods and upload the image to the Canva portal to get started.

Step 2: After adjusting the image to the canvas, select the image and go to the toolbar to find out the ‘effects’ option.

Step 3: Among all other effects, you need to click on ‘Duotone’ and select the color of your choice.

Step 4: Once you have chosen the color, you can even adjust the same by clicking on the ‘duotone’ option you clicked before this step.

Step 5: Now you can see a window appearing on your screen to which you need to set the black color to the ‘highlights’ option.

Step 6: Below the black color box, you can find another color box, where you need to choose another color of your choice. And you are done with the final result.


Can I directly change the color of an uploaded image in Canva?

There is no direct option for you to click on and get the desired results. It is the short process you need to go through to see the color change in uploaded images. There are three different methods and you can choose any.

Can I use the free version of Canva to change the colors of an uploaded image?

Yes, the free version of Canva has this feature where you can use three different methods and change the colors of the uploaded images. It is quite easy and does not take a lot of time.


Canva has several features and one of which is about the color changing of an uploaded image. I am sure you find it amazing that a basic graphic design tool has so much to offer.

Well, with that, Canva is just the right fit for your basic editing needs. Though there are a lot of limitations to the feature, you can still try it out and see if it works for you. I am sure the steps if followed correctly will give you just the desired results for your image edits.

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