How To Change Etsy Shop Name | Step-by-Step Guide 2023

How To Change Etsy Shop Name
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Most Etsy sellers just randomly name their shops while starting out on Etsy as a beginner and later they regret this.

I did it myself, I randomly named my shop my own name but later when my sales started increasing I started feeling that I did a mistake.

A shop name is very important on Etsy because that’s your identity on Etsy, people will know you by your shop name not by your own name on Etsy.

So are you also looking for how to change the Etsy shop name? If yes then I have good news for you.

Fortunately, Etsy allows sellers to change their shop name, but you have to follow the steps properly otherwise you may mess up your shop.

Rules to Follow Before You Change Etsy Shop Name

Here are do’s and don’ts while changing your Etsy store name:

✅ Keep the name short and simple❌ Don’t include spaces, punctuation, or other symbols
✅ Make sure the name follows Etsy’s rules and guidelinesDo not copy other store names
Use capital letters to separate different words in the nameAvoid trademarked terms or names that belong to another brand
✅ Consider how the name looks as part of your shop’s URL❌ Use hard to understand words
Brainstorm an original, creative name for your shop❌ Don’t keep on changing your shop name again and again
  • Note: If your Etsy store is not yet open, you have unlimited chances to change the name before launching. However, once your shop goes live and is online, you can only change it 5 times

How to Change Etsy Shop Name

To change your Etsy shop name you have to visit and log in with your Etsy seller account.

After that click on the “Shop Manager” icon from the top right corner and then go to Settings > Info & Appearances and then you have to select “Shop Name” from the top and then enter your new shop name and it’s done.

Now let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to change your Etsy shop name.

Step 1: Log in to Etsy

The first thing you need to do is log in to Etsy. You can do this by going to and entering your username and password into the login fields.

login In to your Etsy Account
login In to your Etsy Account

Make sure you have an active Etsy shop on this account before you start the process of changing your shop name.

Step 2: Visiting Shop Manager

After Logging In, you’ll need to find the “Shop Manager” icon. It’s located in the top right corner of the Etsy homepage, and it looks like this:

Acces The Shop Manager
Acces The Shop Manager

Shop Manager is a place where you can control everything related to your Etsy business including the name change option.

Step 3: Going To Settings

Once you’ve clicked on the “Shop Manager” icon, your entire shop dashboard will appear. You’ll need to find the “Settings” section in the left sidebar.

Click On Settings In Shop Manager
Click On Settings In Shop Manager

And after clicking the settings you have to click on “Info And Appearances”.

Click On Info & Appearance
Click On Info & Appearance

Step 4: Changing Your Etsy Shop Name

Now after clicking on “Info & Appearance” you will be able to see a “Shop Name” tab on the top, click on it.

Now you can enter your new shop name in the field and click on the “Save Changes” button.

Change Your Etsy Shop Name
Change Your Etsy Shop Name

That’s it, you’ve successfully changed your Etsy shop name!

How to change Etsy shop name on iPhone

Unfortunately, you can’t change your Etsy shop name on the iPhone app. You have to do it on a computer or laptop.

Etsy’s seller app does not have any option to change your shop name. However, you can still manage all aspects of your shop from the app, including listing new items, editing item descriptions and photos, and viewing orders and stats.

You can also edit the “Shop Title”, “Shop Announcement” and “Message To Buyer” sections directly from the app on your iPhone or Android.

Maybe in the future, Etsy will add the option to change your shop name on their seller app also but for now, you have to do it from a computer or laptop.

What Happens When You Change Your Etsy Shop Name

When you change your shop name, your shop URL will be changed but don’t worry all your previous products and other URLs will be redirected to your new URL, and this way you won’t lose any traffic or sales with your new shop name.

Also, Etsy will put an icon on your shop for the next 45 days that will let your visitors know that you have changed your shop name recently.

Below is a snippet from Etsy, you can read it to know more.

How To Pick an Etsy Shop Name

There can be many reasons why you might want to change your Etsy shop name. Maybe you’ve been selling under your shop name for a while and now you want a new one, or maybe you just came up with a better name that you want to use.

Now you must be thinking about how to name an Etsy shop?

There are no specific Etsy shop name requirements, but while choosing an Etsy shop name, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

So here are some tips that might help you in choosing a creative Etsy shop name for you:

1. Easy To Remember

When people visit your shop, you want them to remember the name and be able to find it easily. So make sure that your shop name is something that is easy to remember and doesn’t contain a lot of numbers or special characters.

2. Relevant To Your Products

When trying to come up with an Etsy shop name, it’s usually a good idea to pick something that goes with the actual products you’re selling.

This helps potential customers get a sense right away of what your shop is all about.

For example, say I opened an Etsy store selling handmade soaps and bath products.

I might call my shop “BubblySoaps” or “FluffySoapyWorld”.

See how those names give buyers an instant idea of what I offer?

It doesn’t have to be super obvious either – something like “DaisyCrafts” or “CraftedMoments” could work for a variety of handmade products.

For eg:

KeeleysCrochet – a Shop owned By Keeley that sells crochet items

crochet etsy shop name

EvaArtPrints – a shop owned By EVRIM that sells printable wall arts

wall art printable etsy shop name

Did you notice one thing?

How these shop names have capitalized the first alphabet of different words to distinguish them and make the shop name readable.

3. Short Is Better

You want your shop name to be short and catchy, so using more than two words can make it difficult to remember. Try to keep it under two words if possible.

If you are confused about what name to choose you can take help from Google and you will find a lot of cute shop names for Etsy.

4. Unique

This one is pretty obvious, but you want your shop name to be unique so that people can easily identify it.

Do not name your shop by copying other shops and just changing a few letters.

For eg. if you see a shop named “BabesBoutique” is doing pretty well on Etsy and if you try to tweak the name to “BabeBoutique” then you are just going to end up with a lot of confusion and people might get confused between the two shops.

Also, this is something that you want to avoid. Not only could it get you in trouble with legal copyrights, but it also makes it difficult for people to find your shop.

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5. Avoid Registered Trademarks In Shop Names

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There are a lot of registered trademarks out there and using them in your shop name is not a good idea. It could get you in trouble with the trademark holder and it’s just not worth the hassle.

You can search for all registered trademarks here.

I have seen newbie sellers making these mistakes and ending up getting banned by Etsy.

So please avoid using registered trademarks in shop names or even in your listing titles, description, and pics.

If you want to change your Etsy shop name but do not have any idea then you can search on Google and you will find a lot of creative shop names for Etsy.

Can’t Change Etsy Shop Name?

If you can’t change your shop name on Etsy here are some possible reasons for that:

  • You might have reached the maximum number of shop name change limits that Etsy allows which is 4-5 I guess.
  • Your shop is not 3 months old
  • You’ve made too frequent name changes recently.
  • Your new shop name is exactly matching with an already existing Etsy store.

These are some possible reasons why you are not able to change your store name, if you think you are all good and still not able to change your store name, it is better to contact Etsy support regarding this.

How To Search Etsy By Shop Name

If you are looking for a specific shop, you can search for it on Etsy by using the Shop Name. This is handy if you want to find a shop that is selling something that you are interested in.

You can easily search for any shop just by typing its name on the Etsy search bar. Just head over to and click on the search bar present at the top of the homepage. Now type in the shop name.

After that, you will see products related to that search query but at the top, you can see something like “Did you mean the shop {Shop Name That You Typed}?”

search for the shop name

Just click on it and you will land on the shop directly.

Make sure you type the exact shop name otherwise, you won’t see that option.

So that’s how to search Etsy by shop name.

FAQ on How To Change Etsy Shop Name

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might have while changing shop name on Etsy.

Can I change my Etsy shop name?

Of course, you can change your Etsy shop name, you just have to go through a few simple steps that we have outlined in this post.

How Many Times Can You Change Etsy Shop Name?

According to Etsy, you can change your shop name up to 5 times. If you want to change the shop name after the 5th time you need to fill out a form to Etsy support and then they will review your request for a shop name change.
Once they approve your request, you will be able to change your shop name again.

How long can an Etsy shop name be?

According to Etsy, your shop name can be 20 characters long. You can’t name your shop beyond 20 characters.

Before You Leave

So now you know how to change shop name on Etsy, I highly suggest you check whether your new shop name has any registered trademark or copyright.

Cause you don’t want to get in trouble by changing to a new shop name that someone already has a trademark on.

I highly suggest you read our article on Etsy copyright Issues: How To Check Trademark & Copyright before changing your shop name.

I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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