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How To Become a Book Influencer (No Experience Needed)

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Anyone who loves to read and click aesthetic photos of their books must have thought of becoming a book influencer.

You check out some random bookstagram aesthetic feed and think to yourself, I like to read and click photos – Why don’t I start my own account?

In this article we have used some abbreviations, those are as follow:

  • Bookstagram: Book-based account on Instagram (Book + Instagram)
  • BookTok: Book-based account on Tiktok (Book + Tiktok)
  • Booktube: Book-based Youtube channel (Book + Youtube)

So what is stopping you? A proper guide to starting your book influencer journey.

There are a number of things to know and learn about becoming a book influencer. The reason you feel overwhelmed to start is that you do not have the proper knowledge about the topic.

To make your journey a cakewalk, I have written this guide to becoming a book influencer in just 4 easy steps.

And the best part? You do not need any experience to start your book influencer journey and you can start now!

How To Become a Book Influencer – In 4 Simple Steps

“Book influencer” sounds heavy and people think it is hard or they need the experience to become a book influencer.

The good news is that it is not true. You can become a book influencer in 4 easy steps and you do not need any experience.

  • Who Is a Book Influencer?
    A book influencer is someone who has a significant following on social media, specifically on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, and uses their platform to share their love of books and reading.

    Book influencers often have a loyal following of readers who look to them for book recommendations and book-related content.

    They also work with publishers, authors and brands to promote new releases and other book-related products.

To become a book influencer you just need to have a passion to read a number of books and review them.

Let’s start your journey of book influence with the mentioned four simple steps.

1. Choose a Platform

The first and foremost thing you need to do for your book influencer journey is to choose a platform where you will post your content and book reviews.

It is completely up to you, whether you want to use one platform or more than one.

What are different platforms where you can post book reviews and other content?

How to decide which platform to choose?

I have mentioned every platform below and also mentioned which platform is most profitable as per your needs. Keep reading!


Getting confused by the name?

It is simple – Books+Instagram = Bookstagram.

For Book bloggers, Instagram is one of the most common platforms to become a book influencer and the whole community is known as bookstagram.

If you like to click and edit pretty photos of your book and like to make short videos, bookstagram is the best place to use as your book influencer platform.

There are a lot of bookstagrammers!

The hashtag #bookstagram appears in more than 85 million posts on the network. (Increasing rapidly day by day)

#bookstagram on Instagram

That ought to give you a general notion of the number of book influencers that exist.

However, don’t let a large number of users deter you from trying to stand out because each bookstagrammer has their own style that is reflected in their bookstagram name, branding, post kinds, and aesthetics.

  • For Eg: Check out this beautiful account of lucykatesbooks (follow her & show her some love), she got a combination of colorful and minimal vibes.

    A typical bookstagram account looks like this, you can take inspiration from her.
Bookstagram Account

Can you make money off of your bookstagram account?

Yes, it is possible to make money as a book influencer by blogging about the books you like!

Book Blog

Every single person knows that book blogging is the original and the very first way of reviewing books and other book-related content.

Social media platforms are the new trend and craze but blogging has been on the internet for a very long period of time.

If you like to write long reviews and feel social media platforms do not do justice to your long-form content, you should choose a book blog for your book influencer journey.

If you do not feel comfortable making videos or showing yourself on social media platforms, book blogging is best for you.

You can bring traffic on your book blog using Google organic searches and social media like Pinterest.

Here are some Pros and Cons of starting a Book Blog:


  • High Earning Potential
  • Easy To Manage
  • Can Be Done Without Showing the Face


  • It Takes Time To Get Traffic From Google (6 -12 Months)
  • There Is Some Learning Curve Required To Manage a Blog
  • A Little Bit Of Investment is Required For Domain & Hosting


Just like bookstagram, BookTok is nothing but a combination of TikTok and Book, i.e, BookTok.

TikTok is one of the most trendy apps on the list of social media platforms. You just need to post a 60-second or less video and that is it.

It may sound easy but producing content on TikTok needs a lot of time and planning. Also, TikTok is all about trends.

To have a successful BookTok account, you have to be up-to-date on trends and produce content related to those trends.

You need to post short, fun, and engaging videos with transitions on your BookTok to build an audience

If you love producing short video content, then starting your book influencer journey on BookTok will be very easy for you.


Just like bookstagram and BookTok, Booktube is a combination of Book and YouTube, I.e, BookTube.

You do not have to be worried about lighting and editing while posting content on Bookstagram or BookTok.

But starting your own BookTube requires a good quality camera, audio equipment, background, basic lighting, good editing, etc.

In short, you have to put in a lot of time, energy, and effort to start your BookTube. But this should not demotivate you in any case.

If you like to create long video content, love talking to cameras, and like to play with editing apps, BookTube is the perfect platform for you to start your book influencer journey.


After deciding on which platform you will post your book reviews and other content, now it is time to read.

To post book reviews and other content revolving around the books, you need to read those books.

Along with book reviews and other book-related content, book influencers can create and post different types of content too.

It may include stationery review, TBR, coffee shop review, coffee content, aesthetic reading space, etc.

As a book influencer you are free to create other content but do not forget your main theme, that is, book reviewing.

To post book reviews you need to read books and to read books you need to buy books. But books can be expensive and can also take up a lot of room in your house.

You can read ebooks on kindle, iPad, or even on your phone to save space. (Also, e-books are way cheaper than hardcover and paperbacks).

Reach out to your local publisher to get free books to review or just directly reach out to different authors. You can also try different websites like Netgalley to get free books to review.

3. Post Book Reviews And Other Content

You have chosen your platform, read a book, and written your review in the form of a blog or video now what are you waiting for?

Post the book review or other book-related content so that it is available for your audience’s consumption.

After reading ‘post the content’, you may think that now it is a cakewalk, but that is not the case. A lot of time, effort, and energy go into posting content on different platforms.

Some platforms may require you to edit the content while others do not. The content which you post on Instagram requires a number of shots to get one perfect photo.

After getting the perfect shot, you need to edit the photo to match it with your feed’s aesthetic. You also have to write the review in caption character count, which can be challenging sometimes.

BookTube has its own difficulties in posting video content. Proper lighting, good quality camera, audio equipment, and background are required to record the video.

You may have to record a number of times to get the perfect video and after that have to invest a lot of time in editing.

You may think posting content on book blogging is the easiest but that also is not true. You have to write a good-quality book review which may take a few hours.

Finding good-quality pictures to match your book blog is also not an easy task.

Many people consider BookTok easy because you just have to post one-minute videos. But you also have to search for trending topics and sounds and make videos before that particular topic goes out of trend.

Each and every platform has its cons and pros in creating book-related content. This is why you should do your research and choose a platform that you think is beneficial for you.

If you have chosen more than one platform to create and post book reviews and other book-related content, there will be times when you feel burdened to create different content for each and every type of content.

So what to do? The best solution is to use a content calendar.

The content calendar will give you a place to jot down your content plan for the month on different platforms. You can use physical planners, google calendar, notion, or any other planner app to create your personalized content calendar.

4. Monetize Your Platform

Yes, you can monetize your platform as soon as you start posting book reviews and other book-related content.

Many people start bookstagram and other platforms to post book reviews and other content just because they love to read and form a reading community.

Posting for fun and your hobby does not limit you to earning. What can be more fun than earning some extra bucks from your hobby?

Most book influencers and ordinary people have a common question in mind – Do book influencers get paid?

I have surveyed a lot of people who run successful bookstagram and other book influencers and have found that indeed book influencers get paid.

  • Fun Fact: On average, book Influencers with more than 100k followers can charge around $1000 for a single post.

It does not matter which platform you use to start your book influencer journey, you can earn good money from your content.

Book influencers can easily monetize their bookstagram, BookTok, BookTube, Book Blog, and other platforms with sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

If you have chosen BookTube and Book Blog to be your platform, then there is one more way to earn money.

You can run ads and earn money via ad revenue.

Platforms like Google AdSense allow you to run ads on your Youtube channel and blog.

A fantastic long-term income-producing approach is to combine affiliate and ad revenue, which can be largely passive.

How Do Book Influencers Make Money

Book influencers can make money in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Sponsored content: Book influencers can be paid to create sponsored posts for publishers, authors, and brands. They may be asked to review a book, post a picture of a book with a specific caption, or create a video about a book.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Many book influencers use affiliate links to earn commission on book sales made through their links. They can include these links in their blog posts, social media posts, or YouTube videos.
  3. Ad revenue: Some book influencers monetize their social media accounts through ads. For example, they may use Google adsense to place ads on their blogs and Youtube channel.
  4. Book sales: Some book influencers write their own books and make money by selling them.
  5. Merchandise: Some book influencers also sell book-related merchandise, such as bookmarks, prints, or book-themed clothing.

It’s worth noting that being a book influencer is a hard work and not all of them are making money, many of them are doing it as a hobby or passion.

5 Bookstagram Tips For Beginners

If you decided to read this section of this article you must be in between starting your own bookstagram.

Though it can be overwhelming, I promise that you are going to enjoy the whole process from starting the bookstagram, posting reviews, and clicking aesthetic photos of your books with coffee.

To make the whole process a lot easier for you, I have mentioned five tips for every bookstagram beginner. You can rely on these tips because each and every tip is tried and tested.

1. Do Not Limit Your Bookstagram Theme From The Starting

I will be honest with you here. I love to check out different bookstagram just to look at the themes and the aesthetics. It is soothing and satisfying.

But does that mean I follow all those accounts just for their aesthetically pleasing themes?


People follow those accounts that they found useful for themselves in their reading journey. You just have to worry about putting out honest reviews about the books and not the theme.

On the other hand, you can’t just ignore the look of your bookstagram. Without thinking much, choose one theme which you are most comfortable with. And of course, you can change the theme later too.

2. Choose The Right Name For Your Bookstagram

I can not highlight this point enough. You have to choose the right and perfect name for your bookstagram.

Before thinking about the themes and types of content you will post on your bookstagram, decide on the name of your bookstagram.

Why is it so important to choose the right name for your bookstagram?

Picking the name of your bookstagram may not be on your priority list, but it is a very important step toward building your bookstagram.

Having the right bookstagram name is important to build a personal brand not only on social media apps but on blogs and websites too.

Remember the mentioned things before you pick a name for your bookstagram.

  • The name is easy to spell and remember
  • The name is unique but simple
  • The username should be available for that bookstagram name
  • The domain name is available for the bookstagram name (you may opt for blogging in the future)

3. Post Book Reviews and Other Content Consistently On Your Bookstagram

Quality over quantity is one basic rule which applies to almost each and everything. But on bookstagram, it’s not that true.

As a beginner bookstagram, you have to post one to two times per week. With time you will get comfortable with creating different posts, reels, and IGTV and then you can shift to posting three to four times per week.

Why is posting regularly on bookstagram so important?

When you create and post content regularly on bookstagram, you become an active creator and Instagram will boost your post reach and engagement.

So in short, posting consistently on bookstagram will help you with the algorithm and your account will be able to reach more readers.

Also, you can not ignore the quality of your posts too. You have to create engaging content and informative posts to hold your readers for a long period of time.

4. Use the full potential of Instagram Hashtags

Do you know that on Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags in your post caption and comment section too?

You have to use all these 30 hashtags on your posts to increase your post’s reach on Instagram.

As a beginner bookstagram, you can not afford to lose the potential reach and engagement by failing to use all 30 hashtags on your post.

Do not waste your hashtags game by using random hashtags. Create a good mix of different-sized hashtags and use them on your post on bookstagram.

One thing to keep in mind in addition to using small-size and large-size hashtags is to use localized hashtags. These hashtags will make it easier for local people of your country or region to find you.

5. Do Not Forget To Customise Your Bookstagram Bio

Bookstagram bio is as important as your feed because along with your feed, your bio also gives a first impression of your bookstagram.

Beginners ignore their bookstagram bio and leave an opportunity to attract people to their accounts.

As a beginner bookstagram, customize your bookstagram bio from the start.

Brainstorming for bookstagram bio ideas is not required because it’s really easy and you can always take inspiration from the other bookstagram bios.

Here is a list of a few things which you should add to your bookstagram bio.

  • Name of the owner of bookstagram
  • Your country name or country flag along with your name
  • Your reading goal for the current year
  • Name of your currently reading book
  • Link to your other social media accounts, blog, or website
  • Call to action (CTA)

Bookstagram Bio Ideas

Here are some bookstagram bio ideas, please do not copy these as these are only for inspiration purpose.

  1. “Unraveling worlds one page at a time. Book influencer spreading literary love. 📚✨”
  2. “Captivated by stories, inspired to inspire. Join me on this literary journey. 🌟📖”
  3. “Bookaholic and proud. Sharing my passion for literature with the world. 📚❤️”
  4. “Diving into the realms of imagination. Let’s explore the magic of books together. ✨📚”
  5. “Book influencer igniting bookworms worldwide. Join the reading revolution! 🌍📖”
  6. “Discovering the power of words. Book lover, reviewer, and influencer. 📚💫”
  7. “Celebrating the beauty of books, one post at a time. Join me in this bookish adventure! 🌺📚”
  8. “Spreading literary joy and bookish vibes. Let’s turn pages together! 🌈📖”
  9. “Embarking on literary escapades. Join me as I explore diverse worlds of literature. 🌍✨”
  10. “Turning pages, sharing stories, and inspiring minds. Let’s connect through the love of books. 💫📚”


Can you make money through bookstagram?

Yes, you can make money through bookstagram.

A number of people start bookstagram because it’s their hobby to read and they just want to form a community.

It’s not important or necessary to monetize your bookstagram but if you want to, you can.

Here is a list of five different ways through which you can make money via your bookstagram account.

  1. Sell your own books – Post stories on your Instagram account or host a giveaway on bookstagram to sell your duplicate books or pre-owned books.
  2. Sponsored posts – You have to read the book, create content in various forms and write its review. It’s really a time-consuming process but you can fix your rates accordingly.
  3. Affiliate marketing – It’s the newest and most passive income-generating method on bookstagram. You can recommend books or other related topics in your posts and stories and get paid when someone makes a purchase.
  4. Freelance book reviewing – You are already writing book reviews on your bookstagram, so why not monetize it? Ghosts write book reviews for different blog posts and get paid accordingly.
  5. Be a social media manager – You can use your bookstagram as a portfolio to get gigs for social media manager, you can manage social media accounts for other big publishers and get paid accordingly.

How can I run a successful Bookstagram?

Every beginner bookstagram thinks about different ways through which he or she can run a successful bookstagram. If that is the case with you, you are in the right place.

Here are four tips that you can follow to create and run your own successful bookstagram.

  • Stick to your account’s aesthetic
  • Plan your post and other content strategies
  • Plan and shoot at least one-month content in advance
  • Use the auto-post feature or schedule a reminder to post the content on your bookstagram
  • Step up your photo game by using props and backgrounds

Do bookstagrammers make money?

Yes, bookstagrammers do make money with their bookstagram. There are a few different ways that they can do this:

  • Paid sponsorships: Bookstagrammers can be paid by brands to promote their products or services on their accounts.
  • Affiliate marketing: Bookstagrammers can promote a book or audiobook on their account and receive a commission for any sales generated from their link.
  • Book sales: Some book influencers on Instagram also make money by selling their own books.

The amount of money that a bookstagrammer can make will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of their followers, the engagement on their posts, and the type of sponsorships or affiliate marketing deals that they are able to secure.

However, it is possible for book influencers on Instagram to make a significant amount of money from their accounts.

Final thoughts

Though it may feel overwhelming to start your book-influencing journey, do not forget that you will have fun because you love to read and write reviews about the books.

The main and first thing is to choose a platform to post your book reviews and other book-related content.

Every platform has its pros and cons, so it is important to do proper research and then choose one or more platforms according to your needs.

Happy writing!

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