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How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship (Etsy Shipping Timetable)

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How long does Etsy take to Ship? How does shipping work on Etsy?

These are some questions that people usually have when they are about to make a purchase from Etsy.

So in this blog post, i will be answering all your questions about Etsy shipping time based on various factors.

So read this post till the end and get all your questions answered!

Key Points:

  • Shipping time on Etsy depends upon various factors like the time of year when the order was placed, the delivery partner, etc.
  • Sellers on Etsy have no control over shipping time although they always want their order to reach their buyers asap!!
  • The average delivery time on Etsy is around 4-7 business days for domestic and 10-30 days for international shipments.

How Long Does Etsy Take To Ship

Accordiing to latest the average shipping time for an Etsy order is about 4-7 days but international shipping can take more than 10 days.

However, this depends on various other factors for eg. what shipping method the seller is using? time of the year when the order is placed? processing time of the order?, etc.

Factors affecting shipping time on Etsy:

  • Courier Partner: Different courier services have different shipping times, some courier companies may deliver your product within a couple of days and some may take more than a week so it depends on which courier partner the seller is using.
  • Order Processing Time: We will talk about that in the next section for now you can understand it as time taken by the seller to process your order. The more days the seller will take to process the order, the later it will be delivered.
  • Holidays: Holidays and non-working days may delay your order.
  • Time of The Year: Deliveries during the festive season may get delayed because of the rush during festivals, people are shopping aggressively and sellers & courier companies has to deliver lot of products.

If i have to make things simple for you then,

Etsy Order Delivery Time = Time Take By The Seller To Process Your Order + Time Take By Delivery Partner To Deliver Your Product

Now let’s talk about order processing time on Etsy and how does it affect the delivery time.

What Is Order Processing Time?

It’s the time the seller needs to prepare your order for shipping.

This is usually a couple of days, but some sellers may need more time if they’re making something custom for you like a custom printed t-shirt or a piece of jewelry.

It’s important to factor in the order processing time when you’re calculating how long it will take for your Etsy order to arrive.

Once the order is processed, it will ship out and after that everything will depend upon the courier partner how quickly they can deliver your product.

How Long Is Processing Time on Etsy?

This processing time can also vary like what kind of item they are making. For eg.

If the seller is making a custom piece of jewelry, it will take longer than if they are printing on t-shirts or mugs.

So how long does Etsy order processing time last?

Sellers usually ship ready made items within 1-2 days depending upon how much work load they have.

But if the seller needs to make something custom for you, it might take a little longer.

You should clarify the processing time with the seller before you make an order.

Etsy Average Shipping Time (Domestic US Vs International)

Courier nameDomestic shipping time (USA)International shipping time
USPS First-Class Package Service1-5 business days7-14 business days
USPS Priority Mail1-3 business days6-10 business days
USPS Priority Mail Express1-2 business days3-5 business days
UPS Ground2-5 business days7-10 business days
UPS 2nd Day Air2 business days4-5 business days
UPS Next Day Air1 business day2-3 business days
Etsy Average Shipping Time

Source: USPS & UPS Shipping

A Usual Shipping Process On Etsy

Here is what happened at the back end when you actually place an order on Etsy:

  1. Order Placed: When you place your order the seller gets all the information about your order, like name, address, any customization you have requested, etc.
  2. Order Processing: Based on the Information, the seller then starts processing your order and it may include product creation, packaging, printing shipping labels, etc.
  3. Order Shipeed: Once the order is packed it will be handed over to the courier company for delivery.
  4. Order Delivered: you received your item via courier.

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How Can You Track Your Package?

Once the order is shipped, Etsy will send you an email notification with the details about your order.

This way, you can track your package as it makes its way to you.

You can also find this information on your Etsy account by going to “Purchases and Reviews” and then clicking on “Track Package.”

If for some reason, you don’t receive this email or if the tracking information isn’t updated, please contact the seller or Etsy support immediately.

He will provide you tracking number manually that you can use on the carrier site to track your package.


How To Track Etsy Orders Without An Account?

If you don’t have an Etsy account, you can still track your orders by using the email notification that Etsy sends you. This email usually includes a link to the order’s tracking information.

If for some reason you don’t receive this email, or if the tracking information isn’t updated, please contact the seller immediately.

How To Track My Etsy Order As Guest?

Yes, you can track your Etsy order as a guest. When you receive the shipping notification email, it will include a tracking number and the details about the courier company.

You can use then search on Google with “[Courier company name] order tracking” and enter your tracking number to track your orders as a guest.

If for some reasons you haven’t received the shipping email, you can directly ask the seller for the tracking number.

Before You Leave : Important

So that’s all for how long does etsy take to ship, now before you go and order something from a random seller on Etsy, it’s important to know whether the seller is trusted or not.

So i recommend you to reach our guide on how to know if the Etsy seller is legit before placing any order from Etsy.

Thanks for reading!

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