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How Does eBay Money Back Guarantee Work? (Why I Hate It!!)

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If you’ve ever purchased something on eBay only to be disappointed with what you received, you’re not alone.

In fact, it’s one of the most common complaints about the online marketplace. But did you know that there is a protection you can use in these situations?

It’s called eBay’s Money Back Guarantee.

What’s that? how does that work?

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about eBay’s money-back guarantee.

And I will also tell you why eBay sellers hate this policy.

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What Is eBay Money Back Guarantee?

eBay’s Money Back Guarantee offers buyers protection from fraud and faulty items. If an item is not as described, doesn’t arrive, or is significantly different from the listing, buyers can request a refund.

If a buyer experiences any of these issues, they can request a refund from eBay. In order to get the refund, the buyer can first contact the seller to try and resolve the issue.

If the issue cannot be resolved, the buyer can then file a claim with eBay.

Once the claim is filed, eBay will review it and handle the case with the seller on the buyer’s behalf and make sure that the buyer will get a refund as soon as possible.

If a refund is issued, it will be for the full purchase price of the item plus any shipping costs incurred by the buyer.

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What Does The Policy Cover?

eBay’s money-back guarantee covers most transactions on the site and is a way to ensure that buyers are happy with their purchases.

The guarantee does have some limitations, however, and it’s important to understand what is covered and what isn’t before making a purchase.

eBay’s money-back guarantee covers items that are not as described in the listing, or if the item is not received by the buyer.

If an item arrives damaged, or if there is a problem with the transaction, buyers can contact eBay customer service to request a refund.

There are some restrictions on what eBay’s money-back guarantee covers.

For example, the guarantee does not cover items that for which the payment was completed outside of eBay like cash, direct bank transfers to the seller account, etc.

Digital items, travel tickets, services, Real Estate, etc. are some of the exclusions that are not covered under eBay’s money-back guarantee.

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How Does eBay Money Back Guarantee Work

The eBay Money Back Guarantee protects buyers on the site from fake or faulty items and makes sure they get their money back if they don’t receive their item or it’s not as described.

Basically, if something goes wrong with an eBay purchase, the buyer can open up a case and request a refund. The seller then has a certain amount of time to respond to the case and try to resolve the issue.

What Are The Requirements For Buyers And Sellers?

When you buy or sell something on eBay, you’re protected by the site’s money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t receive your item or it’s not as described, you can request a refund.

There are some requirements for buyers and sellers in order to be eligible for a refund, so here’s what you need to know.

As a buyer, you are covered by Ebay’s money-back guarantee if you pay for an item using one of the site’s approved payment methods.

As a buyer, you have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. If the item is never received or is significantly different from the listing description, you will automatically be eligible for a full refund.

For other situations, such as if you simply change your mind about an item, you may still be able to get a refund if the item is eligible for return.

There are also some items that are excluded from the money-back guarantee, such as Digital Items, Vehicles, and Real Estate, etc. if you are dealing in such items you are not eligible for eBay’s money-back guarantee.

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Eligible Payment Methods

There are many payment methods that are eligible for the eBay Money Back Guarantee. These include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, eBay Gift Cards, and few more.

To receive a refund through the eBay Money Back Guarantee, you must have used one of these eligible payment methods to pay for your item.

If you choose to pay with a credit card or debit card, you will be needing your card number, CVV, and expiration date.

If you choose to pay with PayPal, you will be needing the email address and password of your PayPal account.

If you going to pay with Apple Pay, you will need to provide the email address associated with your Apple ID.

To take advantage of the eBay Money Back Guarantee, make sure that you pay with an eligible payment method and file a claim within 30 days of your purchase.

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Why Sellers Hate This Policy?

The eBay Money Back Guarantee is a great policy for buyers who have been wronged by a seller, but it is often misused by buyers.

When a buyer initiates a return on eBay, the seller is automatically assumed to be at fault. This is regardless of whether or not the item was actually as described, or if the buyer simply changed their mind.

If a buyer breaks an item after receiving it and tries to return it, the seller is still responsible for accepting the return.

This puts sellers in a difficult position, as they are then out both the item and the money.

eBay’s Money Back Guarantee also does not take into account how much time and effort the seller put into packing and shipping the item.

All in all, eBay’s Money Back Guarantee puts unfair pressure on sellers.

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In conclusion, the eBay money-back guarantee is a great way for buyers to feel secure when buying items.

However, many sellers feel that it puts them at a disadvantage, as they are often the ones who have to refund the buyer’s money as they do not have any other option.

So, I hope that this article has given you a better understanding of how the eBay Money Back Guarantee works and why sellers sometimes view it as a burden.

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