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Get Paid To Be An Online Friend $30/Hour (2022)

When we were kids, we were not allowed to talk to strangers or take anything from them but nowadays everything has changed and today a person can get paid to be an online friend.

Wait a minute! Isn’t that crazy that in today’s world you can make money online by doing friendhsip with strangers?

When anybody first hears about this, they get shocked and don’t believe this but through this blog post, we’ll get to know everything about this concept and also how one can become a virtual friend.

In today’s world, everyone spends ample of their time on their phones or computer so when we think like that it is probably not a very surprising concept to get paid to be an online friend for someone who does not have any friends to talk to or share his thoughts with.

Even with constant connection with everyone on the internet people still tend to be lonely on a personal level.

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What Is a Virtual Friend?

A virtual friend is a friend that a person makes online. A virtual friendship can be described as a friendship with a person that you know from the internet and sometimes or never comes to a real-life interaction with them.

What Does a Virtual Friend Do?

A virtual friend is expected to create a profile on an online website and then will get paid to talk to them, video chat, or call. He can communicate about anything of his interest or his friend’s interest and get paid for his job.

When a person applies for this job, the company or the website would test him not based on his educational knowledge but if their personality suits this job or not.

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How Much Can You Get Paid As a Virtual Friend?

Being a virtual friend, a person gets paid a decent amount. The income varies based on what the person has rated himself on the website.

An average rent varies between $15 to $50 per hour and on average a virtual friend earns up to $25 per hour.

The clients don’t have to pay any commission, but just have to pay a small membership fee. This means that a person will only be contacted by the members by paying them on the website.

With this, a person can avoid the random people on the website and when a person reaches out to this website it means that they are serious about renting a friend online as they have themselves paid a membership fee for this.

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How To Become a Virtual Friend?

Step 1: 

Create your profile on a website to become a virtual friend. For this, a person has to sign up on a website that offers this job and then create a profile including details about himself and giving an idea about how his personality is.

It is not necessary that a person has to be an extrovert for this he just has to be able to initiate a conversation.

So, he has to make sure his profile is as real as possible just the way he is in real life because with this he’ll be able to pair with someone who matches his vibe.

Step 2: 

Include all his excellent personality traits and especially the ones that make him stand apart from the rest of the people like he can mention if he knows any other languages or has expertise in any certain field.

If the virtual friend says he has an interest in something that the client likes himself he would like to talk to him and engage with him.

Step 3: 

Include details about your financial status. These companies and websites pay online through different apps for online payment so if a person does not have an account he should immediately make one and he will be good to go.

Step 4: 

Now a person has to pass the test as the company would want to know if the personality of the member suits this job or not.

A person will be tested based on his personality and not based on what he has learned academically throughout his life.

Step 5:

The last step is to just wait for the clients to approach the member for companionship. Once his profile has been made and approved, he will be ready to get going.

The clients will search for their suitable companion based on age, gender, location, or any other features that they want in their virtual friend.

Some of the ways to communicate with the virtual friend are given below –

  1. The member can talk to the client on phone.
  2. The member can chat with his clients through online apps.
  3. He can video chat with his client at an agreed date and time through different apps.
  4. They can also communicate through a chat room.

5 Websites To Get Paid To Be an Online Friend 

1. Fiverr

This is a good marketplace for people who want to offer their services as virtual friends as per the request of the clients.

Create a profile and specify the hourly fee and then the interested clients will contact the member. As per a quick search, it is observed that there are a lot of members on this site so a person needs to stand out from the crowd to get clients.

This is a huge website so a member can easily get a client who wants to talk to them when they visit Fiverr Friendship. The average fees might be a bit lower than the other websites ranging between $5 to $25 per hour.

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2. FriendPC 

This website is also a good option if someone is looking to get paid to become someone’s online friend and talk to them.

The client can easily approach a member and communicate through text messages, phone calls, video calls, and even chat room whichever option he likes.

The clients just have to pay a small membership fee to contact the member which ensures that the client is willing to make an online friend and talk to them.

Not just this, the clients can also get to learn a new and different skill or even can get a life coach rather than just getting a virtual friend.

3. RentaCyberFriend

As a person can get from its name this website is purely for clients who want to make a virtual friend by paying them to do so.

To join and become a member of this website a person just has to create a profile on this website and also add some information like his location, what his interests are, and how he would like to chat for example on a phone call, video chat or text through various online apps.

4. Rent a Friend

This is a great site that is exactly how is suggested by its name and the client can rent a virtual friend by paying him per hour. This site generally focuses on being a virtual friend and only talking to your friend online and not in reality.

Some of the clients also join these sites to learn new things so if the member knows a different skill or language, he should add that to his profile so that if the client is interested, they would approach him.

Through this website a person can earn up to $15 to $50 per hour and on an average of $25 per hour. 

This website is worth it as a person can get paid just to accompany someone who does not have friends and becomes his virtual friend.

There might even be some risk involved in meeting someone online but the fact that the client has paid a membership fee can be a testimony that they are just here to make a virtual friend.

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5. Rent a Local Friend

This is yet another great website to rent a friend that promotes and helps people from the same places to become virtual friends and is similar to the other virtual friendship sites. 

Through this app, a person can-

  1. Talk through text messages to people from the same city that they belong to.
  2. Provide online classes to someone who wants that.
  3. A person can share his local experience and culture while chatting with people online.
  4. Provide some tips to people who are visiting your city to enhance their local travel experience.

Here are some of the following services that a person can offer his client as a virtual friend-

  1. The member can listen to his client’s problems and discuss with them and sometimes even give them advice.
  2. He can play video games or any other games with his client for their entertainment.
  3. They can watch a movie and have a great time together.
  4. If the member knows how to sing, dance, paint, or anything that the client wants to learn he can teach him.
  5. They can work out together and be workout buddies.
  6. They can teach them new languages if they know any.


So, to conclude making a virtual friend online can be of great help to the ones who do not have anyone to talk to and have a great time with them. Missing out on a good friend in life is no longer an option.

You can very easily look for an online friend on any of the platforms and get satisfactory results from it. It is indeed going to be a very good experience for almost all age groups people. hence. Do not forget to try it out.

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