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8 Best Game Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal In 2022

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Gaming is all about fun. What if I tell you that along with the fun time, you can also earn some real cash for yourself?

I know you won’t believe that but, that’s the ultimate truth.

Most of you might not be aware but, there are several game apps that pay instantly to PayPal.

Isn’t it amazing to know that even playing games can get you some real cash in no time?

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Game Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal

When you talk about online money making, I am sure the idea of gaming has not come to your mind.

However, if you are more into gaming, this is perhaps a great idea for you to consider.

No matter what type of games you are good at, the internet has several options lying for you to grab your hands on.

It will not only give you the fun experience that you love but also give you some real cash instantly.

It is not just the money that you will get. Most of such online games come with several chances of earn gifts and rewards too.

Without making any more delay, let’s see the different options at hand.

List Of Games That Pay Instantly To PayPal

Your smartphone is your all-time partner and you take it wherever you go. Thus, is the only device that you can use anywhere and at any time.

Yes, you can use it for gaming too.

Here is a list of options for you to choose from:

FeaturePoints (Trusted & Recommended)

game apps that pay instantly to paypal

What if I tell you that this website is very fast with its payments? Well, most of you might believe but it is fact that you can withdraw your earnings in just a few hours.

Apart from just playing games, there are other ways how you can earn money with FeaturePoints.

Even when you refer a friend or take surveys, do some shopping online and such other activities, you can earn some money on this platform.

Other than that, they offer various other money withdrawal modes.

There is no doubt that both android and apple users are fond of this game.

The reviews and ratings of the game will tell you about the gains of the game.

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Make Money

With Make Money, you do not have the chance to earn a gift and other sorts of rewards.

The platform is all about earning some real cash in your PayPal account. All you need to do is play all such games that this platform suggests you.

Once you do what you are asked to, you get to earn credits for yourself.

There are other choices too that you can pick to do. If you enjoy watching videos or calling for referrals etc., you can still earn a good amount of cash.

The reviews of the platform show that people love to sign-up with Make Money.


AppKarma provides its users with a list of gaming services that you can choose to play to get the money at hand.

The site then becomes famous among its users who suggest others to come and join hands with the platform.

Apart from just playing games, there are other modes in which you can earn money. Some other ways include taking quizzes, referrals, and many more.

With AppKarma, the referral bonus is as high as 30%. Thus, do not miss out on the great chance you have of earning with AppKarma.

Additionally, their modes of payment are vast and you can pick any as per your preference. If PayPal is your choice, you can well go for it.

Wealth Words

Are you a fan of playing crossword games? if yes, I have a great option here for you. It is none other than Wealth Words. Unlimited crossword means unlimited cash here.

All you need to do is sign up with the platform and start your online crossword journey.

Every crossword puzzle that you rightly solve gets you a good chance to earn instant balance in your PayPal account.

You can also pick the level of the game you want to play. However, the difficult levels involve more money.

The platform also has frequent jackpot rounds which is a huge chance for you to fill your pockets with as much cash as you want.

For both android and IOS users, this app is available easily.

Bubble Shooter Pro

The name of the game in itself suggests that it is a game that involves bubbling shooting.

Most people today are fond of such games and love spending time online with such games on their smartphones.

It is quite fun and with fun, you can match bubbles, burst them and earn points.

Every point you earn is what gets converted into real cash and is sent to you on your account.

The best part about this game is, you can either play online or offline. However, it is your choice on how long or how little you want to play the game.

The more you play, there is more chance for you to earn well.

Spin To Win

Spin To Win gives its users a chance to spin and earn a good amount of real cash. Isn’t the very thought in itself interesting?

Well, it indeed is. You need to sign up and soon after that, you are rewarded a few chances of spins that can earn you good rewards.

If you think this is too boring to continue all day, there are other things too that you can do on the platform.

The best part about this app is it respects the privacy of its users. As a user, your data is completely secure and not sold to other sources.

Thus, you are free to download and enjoy the spinning experience that it has to offer you.

Solitaire Cube

If you are a fan of card games, this is your one-stop ideal option to spend quality time amidst stacking up cards at its best.

The well-recognized spider solitaire game is the same as Solitaire Cube but the only difference is the cash you can earn by playing Solitaire Cube.

Sorting cards and earning some money along with it is a good enough idea as a game app with instant payments.

However, the level of competition is quite high in this app. There are a lot of competitors that you need to beat in various tournaments and win cash prizes that you deserve.

For being a member of the different tournaments, you need to pay a little cash. Besides, unlike other options in the list, there is a restriction of age that this app brings with itself.

Only people beyond 17 years of age can play it.


MooCash is a great option to pick as it offers instant cash-out methods. You can not only choose to play games here but also take up other small interesting activities and get paid for them.

It is quite user-friendly and all you need to do is right swipe on any pop-up event that appears on the screen to participate in it.

However, the payment here takes about 7 days and for some, that might be a problem.

Though the cash out is instant, there is a minimum requirement for you to make some dollars before you choose to withdraw.

 A Few Points To Gain Better Results

When it comes down to picking the right online gaming platform, it might seem to you as a difficult task.

Well, it indeed is a difficult task because the marketplace is a field with very many options to fool you.

Thus, there are a few safety measures that should be taken to make things simpler. Let’s start with the necessary points:

  • Firstly, since all platforms do not operate on the same terms, make it a point to go through their terms and conditions. This will help you during the cash-out period.
  • Secondly, the period of cash out is different for different apps and thus make it a point to take note of it. It will ensure that you are kept away from losses.
  • Thirdly, not all platforms offer real money. Some of them even do away with offering gifts and rewards in the name of real cash. Hence, keep away from such platforms.
  • Last but not the least, relying on online money-making through gaming would not be an ideal thing to do. It can act as a side income but not your basic source.


The internet world is all about scams every moment. With different money-making strategies, the scams have been increasing with each passing day.

However, it does not put an end to the chances you have to enjoy the benefits of the internet today.

With a little bit of research, you can get your hands on the best scam-free platforms that add to your gaming experience and win real cash online instantly.

The trick lies in detecting the right app from the fraudulent ones.

If you can do that, you can have great opportunities in near future. Thus, what else are you waiting for? get right away and register yourself with apps where you can play games win cash instantly

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