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10 Websites That Offer Free College Textbooks 2022

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As a college-goer, you rightly understand the hassle that goes behind managing your overall expenses behind education.

From the college fees to even getting your hands on the list of prescribed books, it is all a game of money, if you wish to get yourself good scores.

A new semester means new courses, which further means a different variety of textbooks for each subject matter.

The list of books that are required for every semester just keeps on increasing through the process. Well, what if I tell you can avail free college textbooks?

Isn’t the thought in itself unbelievable? It is none other than the grace of the internet and the online world that you can come across such a facility.

Different websites today are there for your help if you are on the lookout for free college textbooks online.

Thus, your search end here, and here I have for you a list of websites that will not just save your money but also your time in looking for good college textbooks.

List Of The Best Websites For Free Textbooks

The lengthy list of textbooks handed over to you right when you enter college is perhaps the saddest part.

And why not? Who would love to invest dollars after dollars on those college books that are easily available online on legit sources?

The open educational resources are a great option that can prevent you from spending huge bucks while securing good grades in your semesters.

Thus, to serve your purpose, here are some free textbook websites enlisted for you to try out.

1. Bookboon

Though the platform was only known in the year 2005, it has all such qualities to grab the attention of the college-goers today.

They are a detailed source of an open educational resource for especially the engineering students.

With a vivid range of topics in all possible fields of engineering starting from the basics to even the most complicated areas.

Thus, it is a perfect match for our budding engineers looking for free college textbooks online.


  • Easy to use interface
  • All possible topics are covered in the field of engineering
  • You just need to make an account to access their open resources
  • A monthly subscription policy of $5.99 is available for a better experience

2. OpenStax

If you are here looking for a friendly platform when starting with your educational journey, this is the one for you to try out.

The platform offers different subject matters such as biology, sociology, physics,pre-calculus, history, and several others.

Not just that, the interface also allows different formats and thus ensures complete ease of use for its seekers.


  • Available in PDF and EPUB formats
  • Very easy to use interface, without any hassle
  • Its textbooks are peer-reviewed and crafted based on curriculum needs
  • Ideal for beginners

3. Open Textbook Library

This platform I have for you deserves to be on the list of the best owing to the features it has to offer.

It is a highly student-friendly platform and has all that you need to get your textbook requirements met.

The best part of it all is that the interface offers a review system provided by other users that helps guide your decision on which book to opt for.

Besides, the self-help and study success sections in the catalog of the interface are a student’s best friend.

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  • A vivid catalog full of open resources
  • The interface covers almost all of the major subjects
  • Student-friendly interface with self-help and study success categories
  • The rating system provided by other fellow users acts as a guidance

4. Textbook Revolution

For the STEM students, this is perhaps the best interface you could get your hands on.

However, they did not miss incorporating subjects of history and business. Besides, the browsing experience is highly convenient as, as a user, all you need to do is search on the interface using the subject name, the topic, or license.

Your varieties for exploring the platform are huge and area highly satisfying experience.


  • Ideal interface for STEM students
  • Wide varieties to explore and find out the best
  • Well organized platform with easy browsing mechanism

5. Library Genesis

The platform library genesis is a college-goers favorite as it holds practically almost all major subjects you must be looking for.

All sorts of books such as comics, magazines, and novels can also be found here along with the regular academic books and scholarly articles.

Besides, the search method too has been kept simple to use as well as download. Your search for a specific resource is quite handy with the interface.


  • Includes almost all varieties of subjects
  • Easy and convenient search and download methods for a hassle-free user experience
  • The website is updated from time to time to include new things that might be a student’s requirement

6. Mobilism

It is one of those websites that operate based on file-sharing.

When it comes to the variety of eBooks available with the platform, the websites stand as quite significant and thus, are relevant for college students to meet their academic needs.

Additionally, just like the previous website in the list, this one too includes within its catalog, comics, novels, and similar other entertainment recourses.


  • Wide variety of options available in the catalog
  • Offers an exclusive option for requesting titles if otherwise not found in the interface
  • The interface undergoes regular updates, thus ensuring download links are kept at their best health

7. Archive.Org

Unlike all others in the list, this one is a bit exclusive in its operating methods.

The utility of the website is on its name itself. Students mostly end up using the website as a backup for their digital academic resources.

Furthermore, there is no need for you to convert documents before downloading them. Instead, you can directly download in the format of your choice.


  • Ideal for backing up one’s digital academic materials and storing them safely
  • Previously deleted sources such as YouTube videos, documents, etc. is made available here
  • You are offered multiple formats for downloading resources from the website

8. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is a great resource for those looking to get hands-on some useful materials, but not for academic purposes.

If you wish to indulge in some sort of self-learning before joining college to clear certain concepts in the field of STEM or social sciences, then this interface is of immense help to you.

However, the texts in the interface are easily editable, and thus, there is no scholarly reference one can expect.


  • The interface allows information input from different sources from all across the world, excepting scholarly pieces
  • Highly convenient for STEM, social sciences, and language learning
  • A perfect self-learning tool for the pre-college phase

9. Project Gutenberg

When it comes down to looking for websites for free textbooks, the list cannot end without mentioning this particular interface.

This is perhaps an ideal free resource that almost all students need to help their academic journey.

Though fiction works are the primary highlight of the interface, one would not find a lack of reference books. Thus, it is a one in all interface that can help secure good grades.


  • Easy to use interface with highly convenient download methods
  • The variety available with them is on a next level
  • For science and mathematics students, this is a true free gem to look into

10. Saylor Academy

The platform was initiated not before 2008, but still is a great resource for freely available textbooks.

The subject matters included in the platform are wide enough to help you find your area of interest.

The best part about using the interface is that topics such as online marketing, public speaking, and social media are also given importance and thus, one can find free resources.


  • They enable users to put forth their opinions for each textbook in the form of a survey
  • Textbooks are available in standard formats such as PDF, EPUB, and Microsoft Word formats.
  • Users can also share their collection with those looking for the same collection

Concluding Lines

While in college, it is very important to plan one’s spending in the most effective and efficient ways. Thus, spending on academic books also forms an integral part. But, why do so when you can get your hands on free college textbooks?

Now, your hassle of looking for the right academic resource comes to an end. With alternatives that can help yield close to similar results, you can withdraw your steps back from investing in textbooks.

Thus, it is now amazing to note that your course requirements can be easily met without costing it heavily on the pocket. You can search relevant materials and if needed, one can download the same too.

Thus, with the grace of such free resources, the whole learning process has been made easier for today’s generation and for future generations to come. And that’s how you can kick start your academic career too.

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