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Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin UK | Buy Bitcoin With Lowest Fees

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Cryptocurrencies are seen as the ultimate source of investment today.

To be more specific, bitcoins are the rulers in the crypto industry today. More and more people are investing in bitcoins but, there is always one thought that bitcoins are expensive to invest in.

Though the process of purchasing bitcoins may be easy, the fee that you will be charged is most likely to cost you heavily in your pocket.

But there are few places where you will be charged the lowest fees and thus, it is perhaps the best place to buy bitcoin.

If you are truly interested in buying a little bit of bitcoin, but the market price is constantly bothering you, then you are in the right place.

Believe me when I tell you that you even have the option to buy bitcoins at the best deals.

The purpose of this blog is to help the readers know about some of the cheapest ways to buy bitcoin UK at the lowest fees.

But, if you still don’t know where to go, I have for you the ultimate guide to fulfill your desire of buying a bitcoin.

Things To Consider While Choosing Bitcoin Broker

For a beginner, choosing a bitcoin broker can be a challenging job if you are not aware of what factors to consider.

If you are a beginner and such thoughts tend to bother you, then it’s time to stop.

Here are a few important factors you need to consider when looking for an ideal bitcoin broker that can help you buy bitcoin lowest fees:

To begin with, you need to see how far are your assets secure. For the residents of the UK, what else could be better than looking out for a broker that is regulated by the FCA?

If this requirement is met, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands and you are most likely to get legit results irrespective of price fluctuations.

Next up is looking for the right broker that not just helps you buy bitcoins cheap but also helps keep them safe.

Some brokers come up with huge fees for keeping your bitcoins safe till you sell them off. Such brokers can cost you quite a lot of bucks and is not a favorable option to look for.

Additionally, buying bitcoin involves huge fees and certain brokers tend to take advantage and charge several kinds of fees at the very stage.

However, that is something you need to keep a check on if you are willing to buy bitcoins at the lowest fees.

Besides the regular fees such as transfer fees, withdrawal fees, conversion costs, etc, other chargeable fees are something you need to avoid.

Different brokers come up with their different terms and conditions, which if not read properly can make you bear unnecessary expenses that you might not be aware of.

Also, the advertising strategies of such brokers are most deceptive and can fool you if you do not experience being in the field of bitcoin trading.

Cheapest Place To Buy Bitcoin UK

To buy bitcoins at cheap prices in the UK, there are quite some brokers that can be your choice. Thus, here I have for you a list of brokers that offer great deals for bitcoin traders like you. Let us get started:

Coinbase Pro

When it comes down to purchasing bitcoins, I am sure Coinbase Pro is something that comes to your mind first.

The platform runs in 32 different countries and has a wide reach in European countries. It is very easy to use the services of the platform and their fees are also something that will not feel heavy on the pocket.

They charge about 1.49% on Bitcoin purchase and increases to 3.99% when a purchase is made using a debit or credit card.

Thus, for a beginner, this is the best you can have. From reasonable fees to ease of use, everything is going to work in your favor.

It is a London-based crypto exchange platform and has a wide reach to people all across the globe.

As a beginner, this platform might need you to learn some of its functions so that you can keep the right track of your investments.

It is not as easy as the first one on the list when it comes down to the ease-of-use factor.

Besides, you can buy bitcoin at considerably low fees on this platform.

They usually charge 2.99% for a deposit made using credit or debit cards and charge a 0.25% fee on purchasing bitcoin with them.

In terms of security too, they are completely secure from the cyber interference of hackers.


If you have been a constant member of the crypto family, Binance has its different recognition.

This platform is widely known among various users for their varied listings and also not to forget the low fees.

Besides, there is no learning you need to operate the platform as it is highly easy and convenient to use.

When it comes down to talking about the lowest fees, nothing is as good as opting for Binance.

Their fee is as low as 0.1%. Isn’t that great to start with the crypto exchange journey? Well, it indeed is.

As a user, your security is at your hands, you get to have access to extra added security features.


Kraken is making its way into the industry on a broad scale with time.

Talking about its security aspect, in the past, few issues were noted in this regard but now, they offer 2-factor authentication for its users along with cold storage facility.

The fees and rates are what you would usually find in the market but it is by all means higher than what Binance has to offer.

It will hardly take you any time to join the platform and know-how to go about with your funds.

Thus, even if you happen to be a beginner, Kraken can be a try for you to discover what you can get from it.


CoinJar is another Cheapest way to buy bitcoin UK with GBP through bank transfer.

It is perhaps the fastest on the list in terms of crediting payments to your interface account.

Though the initial deposit takes quite some time, the following deposits are done in a few minutes. They charge a fixed fee of 1% for transacting in bitcoins.

Furthermore, it is a bit difficult to use the platform and might be confusing for beginners.

Thus, CoinJar too is something you can try as a pro in the industry of transacting in bitcoins at the lowest rates and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know most of the game, you might have several questions coming to your mind. Thus, here I have answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How to buy bitcoins safely?

Most of the readers might have this question but do not know where to look out for answers.

But here you have it. It is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) you need to look into. An organization regulated under the FCA is a safe and secure one to opt for.

All the platforms listed in this blog post are completely safe and secure to buy bitcoin from.

Is it profitable to buy and sell bitcoins?

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are the next-generation currency format that the whole world is moving towards.

In near future, they are the ones to rule and regulate the finance market. Thus, their prices keep increasing and decreasing with time.

However, if you wait for the right opportunity, it will yield profits for you.


When it comes down to purchasing bitcoins, it is all about considering the right broker to benefit the most out of the transaction process.

There are a lot of factors to consider, from pricing to security measures, the fees involved, and much more.

The objective behind every transaction is to make the most out of it by keeping the investment the least.

Well, achieving such a goal is quite a tough job to do as a beginner. Different platforms offering different rates and fees, the job is on you to decide on which one to settle for.

However, it’s time you get off the burden from your shoulders. If price is your consideration, Binance is what can be the Cheapest way to buy bitcoin and there are several reasons for it.

Similarly, if you are looking for the fastest payment methods, CoinJar is what you kindly need to consider.

And that is how you need to correlate your goals with the broker you choose to opt for. And after you have learned the trick, you have it all.

In no time, transacting in bitcoin will lead you to wonders.

The growing trend today shows the importance of spending on bitcoins and similar other cryptocurrencies. In near future, it is going to take over a lot of the economic sphere and there could be a great way of earning by trading in bitcoins.

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