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Top 5 Best Laptops For Blogging In 2022

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When you think of blogging, what is the first thing you need? Yes! It is none other than a good laptop.

By good laptop, I mean something that does not heat up easily when you open different tabs in a single browser.

And this is the major problem with almost every blogger, complaining about their devices.

It is very hard to work when your device is giving such problems, where you can’t focus on your work, but only think about your device’s issues.

So, what next? it is time to get yourself a new laptop. But most people are confused about what to look for in a laptop that can serve your blogging purpose.

Never mind, you are just at the right place to get your confusion cleared.

This blog post will guide you through your journey of what to look for in a laptop and also help you find the best laptop for blogging.

What To Look For In A Laptop For Blogging?

Different laptops come with different features. What might seem good features for you, might not be good for somebody else.

Thus, it is important to know what are the best features that match your purpose of blogging. Here are a few features you need to look for:


To be eligible to be your best blogging laptop, it has to be able to store a high amount of data.

Basically, there are two types of storage available, the HDD or the hard disk drive and, the SSD, or the solid state drive.

If both are compared, SSD is the friendliest storage option. It will help keep your files safe without making your device lag while starting up.

Your blogging journey would be incomplete without a device that runs fast and is also capable of storing your data safely. Thus, you need to look for the SSD storage feature in your device.

Battery Capacity

The life of bloggers is all about sitting with their devices all day long and typing at the best speeds. Imagine your laptop shutting down at the most important stages.

Isn’t it scary to even think about it? Yes, it indeed is.

A minimum of 8 hours of battery life is a must requirement for every blogger looking for an ideal blogging device for themselves.

To help your device run for long hours, battery life as good as 8 hours can be your ideal thing to look for.

Physical Dimensions

The size and weight of your device is also very important factor to consider.

A lightweight, big-screened laptop would be ideal for all bloggers. Especially, if there is a need to travel very often, such compact devices can be your ideal friend.

A device that can be carried easily from one place to another is all that any blogger would ever need. Thus, do not forget to look for a decent size and weight for your ideal blogging laptop.


Devices with Pentium, Celeron, Atom/Arm, AMD E2, AMD A9, A6, are no more the trend.

These processors are not capable of handling day-to-day blogging needs. Instead, one should opt for Intel Core i3 CPUs that come with AMD Ryzen 3 Chips.

They are the best central processing units that can serve your purpose the best.

Processing Hardware

Ideally, just for blogging, any hardware would do. For example, if you want to use WordPress or google docs, any processor would be of help.

But, for vlogging or editing purposes, a heavy processor would be ideal to make your device last longer than usual. For that matter, it would be great to look for a device with a minimum of 8 GB RAM.

Top 5 Best Laptop For Blogging

As a blogger, your device is your best friend. It is the ultimate sword you use to pen down your words.

Keeping these factors in mind, looking for the best laptop is not a challenging job any more. Thus, here are a few options for you to check out:


If you are looking for budget-friendly options that are equally good with their performance, then this is one option to consider.

It has all the must-have features that you need in your blogging laptop. It has a great battery life and also is extremely lightweight and so, for a travel blogger, this is the best.


  • Widescreen
  • Premium sound quality
  • Sleek design
  • High-performance device


  • Not very lightweight as other blogging laptops
  • Weak touchpads
  • The screen is not very bright

Thus, the Acer Aspire 5 is a nice and affordable device that can help a blogger move ahead in their journey. All in all, it is a great device that all bloggers need to get their hands on.

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If you have very high expectations from your blogging laptop, then this is a great option for you. Also, this is a great device for those who are ok with spending a little more on the best blogging laptop. The features of this laptop are at their best and you would love to use such a high-performance device for blogging purposes.


  • Very high battery life
  • High-performance laptop
  • Classy design
  • Fast processing device


  • Slightly pricey
  • Very poor webcam quality
  • Does not provide a touch screen option

Thus, it can be said that from almost all factors, the MacBook Air laptop is a great fit to meet your blogging, editing, and vlogging needs.


This laptop is for all those looking for an ideal blogging laptop but is also on a tight budget. Yes! You need not spend a lot on your ideal blogging laptop. This option out here is a great lightweight and high-performance laptop that is easy to carry from one place to another. Its battery life too is a great feature you notice in this laptop. Besides, there are other perks of this device too.


  • Battery lasts for long hours
  • Does not heat up very easily
  • High-performance device
  • Very good on the price range
  • Premium display


  • Keyword layout is not like other devices
  • CPU performance is a little slow

There are a lot of good points about Asus ZenBook 13 and it is all about the premium features that make it the best laptop for blogging.

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#4 Dell XPS 13

If you want to buy a laptop that is good with everything and is suitable for all purposes, then this is the one option for you. Be it talking about great screen quality, the webcam, or even the performance, the Dell XPS has it all. Its physical features too are very good to look at and anyone would love to own such a laptop.


  • Sleep design
  • Premium look and design
  • Highly travel friendly
  • Long battery life


  • Little expensive as compared to other blogging laptops
  • Limited ports available on the device

Thus, the Dell XSP can be your ideal pick if you would like to spend a little more on your blogging device that has premium features.


Among all others in this list, the Lenovo Flex is a little different. Yes! It is a unique piece with 2-in-1 convertible features. For blogging purposes, this laptop is already known to be the best. This device can work as a tablet as well as a laptop and this is very useful for blogging. Besides that, it has all the needed features of a blogging laptop.


  • Convertible laptop
  • Good battery life
  • High-performance device
  • A high level of security maintained in the device
  • Soft-touch of keyboards


  • A little heavy device as compared to others on the list
  • The display reflects when exposed to high lighting
  • Charging takes quite a long time as compared to others on the list

Hence, if you are on the lookout for a user-friendly laptop, this one is the one you can happily spend on.


With that, we have come to the end of this blog post, giving you the list of the best laptops to meet your blogging needs.

Only the best device can help you bring the best side of your blogging career. For that purpose, we have made your job easy in deciding on which laptop you should get.

Even if you are on a budget, you can still get yourself an ideal blogging laptop. gone are the days when blogging laptops meant spending a lot of money on your device.

Now, with minimum costs, you can get your hands on the best features needed in a blogging laptop.

Thus, to start gaining success in your blogging career, all you ever need is a good device to start with, and now you can have it without any confusion.

Go and get your blogging laptop today and get started with your long journey.

I am pretty sure that your device will help you reach heights that you always wanted to, with your blogging skills. And now it’s time to start off without waiting for anything else.


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