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Best Day Jobs For Writers That Makes $70k Per Year

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Getting the right job in the present times is nothing but a miracle. I am sure you might have approached many people in search of a decent job. Was the search successful?

The answer is mostly a ‘no.’ Well, nothing unnatural. Given the situation where a pandemic hits the world, most people have lost their livelihood. And God saves you if you happen to be a fresher.

But, do not get disheartened, trust me when I say that there is a lot you can do to get yourself a suitable job. The options are flooded; all you need is the right pick.

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If you are someone with good command of creative and innovative writing, this article is for you. There are several options for you to discover under the sun.

Also, have you asked yourself what type of freelance writer you want to be, there are several types and each one does different things.

Almost every household has internet connectivity, and that is all you need. Yes, you read that right. In this article, we will discuss the various options for the best online jobs for writers.

What Is Creative Writing All About?

Most of us have come across the terms at least once in our lives. But what exactly defines creative writing is still a matter of concern. Isn’t it so?

Creative writing is nothing but the best way to articulate his/her words in writing. Now, there is more to know. There are several types of writing you can involve yourself with.

Where, on the one hand, some of us are good at writing projects in high school, some others write great articles and news. However, the sky is the limit; you can literally be good at writing on anything.

As a creative writer, it is the creativity and craft you put in to prepare content. If you wish to grow yourself as a professional in the field, you need these particular criteria.

How To Start With Online Writing Jobs? 

By now, we’ve known the basics of writing. Next up, I’ll tell you about specific essential requirements that you need to begin your career as a writer. Let’s get going!

Firstly, you need to give reasons to the employer to hire you. For that, all you need is a good work profile with all the essential details. In the profile, you can include details like your past experiences (if any), your interest in writing jobs, etc.

Secondly, as proof of your skills and expertise, prepare a well-drafted work sample. Your samples will convince the employer of your capabilities to take up the job at hand.

Thirdly, networking is the key. If you want a good opportunity, you need to build a network with those already associated in this field for a long time.

With these few points at hand, you are all set to kick start your professional career. However, keep in mind that there is no end to learning and thus, with time, make sure to develop your skills for even better opportunities in the future.

Best Day Jobs For Writers 

There are more good day jobs for writers online than you can even think of. The options are vast; it is upon you to pick one and get started. Here, we have a list of jobs for creative writers.

Freelance Writing

This is perhaps the most in-demand online job at the moment. Nevertheless, you have to be experts in specific niches to be eligible. This is not for you as a beginner, but you can opt for freelancing once you have honed your skills.

The growing demand for freelance writers can be a profitable option for a good day job. There are several websites and social media forums where you can connect with people sharing the same interest. It can help you get yourself a recruiter.

To start as a freelance writer there are many websites where you can signup like Upwork, Fiverr, etc

You can check out our comprehensive guide on how to become a successful freelancer in no time.

Search Engine Optimization Writing

Lately, there has been an increasing demand for businesses and entrepreneurs to rank on top of the search list. It is for you to grab the opportunity to get hired as an SEO writer. Just by placing given keywords in the right place, you can be paid a handsome amount.

Many companies are on the lookout for SEO writers as full-time employees. The internet has different courses where you can learn basic and advanced SEO writing skills.


If you are a fast learner and can draft content based on your understanding of a specific subject, Blogging is your ultimate go-to. As a beginner, you can start with Blogging, but that will not help pay your bills because blogging takes time.

It may take 6 months to 1 year for your blog to start gaining traction and earning enough amount per month. You can definitely start your blog inside along with your writing jobs because this is going to benefit you later.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog as a complete beginner.

However, there are several travel companies, business entities, and many more looking for industry experts. If you feel you have the potential, take up a full-time job as a blogger, and you can earn enough.


Now, this is for those with a specific area of interest. If you are good at creating hyperbolic situations depending on the clients’ requirements, you are hired. It requires enough creative and I would suggest beginners not settle for this option.

Once you get the hang of writing and creating dialogues and screenplays, your pay will reach heights. Several production houses require a lot of talent, and you can find your ideal job with any of them.


To proofread content means to make it grammatically error-free and secure proper format and punctuations. Well, it might sound easy to you, but it isn’t so. But not that hard either. However, the whole process involved in it is undoubtedly difficult. You can always opt for an online course before you start your career as a proofreader.

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If you are good at catching errors in content, you already have it in you. Proofreading can help you earn quite a lot of money once you are on the right track with the right clients at hand. You can also reach out to experts in the field for some guidance.

How Much Do Best Day Jobs For Writers Pay?

Well, in simple terms, the pay is excellent as and when you develop with time. As a beginner, you cannot expect clients and projects are offering high pay rates. First, you need to establish yourself to charge more for your services.

Likewise, I have some estimated pay rates for each online writing job listed in the previous section. Let’s take a look at each:

Poof reading: $32000- $65000 per year

Freelancing: $30000-$150000 per year

Blogging: $16000-$110000 per year

Screenwriter: $140000 for a single project approx.

SEO Writing: $20000- $77000 per year depending on the location of the job

Also, part-time jobs for writers pay somewhat the same if they feel you deserve it. Your pay is mainly decided on factors such as your experience, expertise, etc.

In the initial stages, you can settle for comparatively lower prices but, once you’ve gained quite some experience in handling successful projects, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Where Can I Get A Job As A Writer Online?

Now that you have known about the best day jobs for writers, you should also know how and where to find them. Under this subhead, I will guide you on where you can get writing jobs online.

The primary trick is, you have to reach out to people who are experts in the respective fields. For that, you can join forums and communities with similar interests. For example, social media is a great option to look out for any job.

Now, the ‘job’ feature on Facebook is proof of such an opportunity. Alongside, you can also subscribe to websites that post jobs regularly, and you can grab the opportunities.

You might have also heard of websites such as ‘Upwork,’ ‘Fiver,’ ‘Freelancer,’ and the list goes on. Such websites are great opportunities for freelancers and other writers to get projects and clients with genuine requirements of quality content.

Once you enroll yourself with such websites, they will send alerts to your feed based on your job preference and customization. All you need to do is, submit proposals and bid for the job that is most suitable to you.

Tips And Trick To Ace As A Writer

I hope you have learned enough through this article. However, the struggle you need to put up for establishing yourself is real.

But no worries, I have some tips and tricks to help you succeed in your career as an online writer. Here goes a list of my suggestions:

Keep learning: Yes, learning never ends. With time, try to build yourself with more skills to come to you for your service.

Put your best foot forward: No matter what the project is about, give it your best shot. That would display your capabilities to the client, and then you are all good to go.

Build long-term connections: Instead of looking for clients often, you can retain your previous clients and work with them for as long as they want you. you can build strong relations by meeting guidelines that the client asks for.

Even with the suggestions at hand, it is you who will have to implement these. Make sure not to let yourself down.

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